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Howard can help in a variety of consultancy roles such as those described below. He is a member of the Chartered Management Institute.


If there are areas of work you would like to discuss please contact him via the Contact Me page.


        Interim Management                           Management Coaching

        Research and Presentation                 First Aid Skills/Health & Safety

        ICT Installation and Development      Presentational Skills

        Off Road Driver Training                      ICT Skills

        Sound, Light & Security                        Safeguarding

        Youth Work                                            Restorative Justice Training

        Canine First Aid Training                     Church Development

Interim Management

As a qualified and experienced manager, Howard can help during that period where you are 'between managers' but need someone to help hold things together in the interim.

Howard operates as a member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Research and Presentation

In a time of reducing funds it is unlikely many organisations can afford a research section. Howard's experience of research allows him to research specific or generic topics and then prepare reports and/or presentations to meet your specific needs.

Alternatively you might have your information ready, but need help in bringing it to a presentation - Howard can help consult on the best ways present your information. From concept to finished presentation - or even delivery to your selected audience - anything is possible.

ICT Installation and Development

Many smaller companies, charities or churches need to use ICT systems, but cannot afford their own ICT department - or just need someone who speaks their language to simplify their choices.

Howard's experience of computer systems, from stand alone to entire networks, spans over 30 years. This has included installation of PCs, Networks, Projection/Presentation Systems etal. Settings have included small companies, homes, offices and churches.

Development can involve reviewing systems in use - including software and physical systems - to advise on whether the current set up is appropriate and how best to develop this for the needs and budget of the individual or organisation.

Howard also has strong links with suppliers of equipment to help stretch your budget - including sources for used systems where appropriate.

Off Road Driver Training

As an experienced driver, and member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Howard is committed to road safety in all settings. However, as a Landrover driver he has a particular interest and expertise in driving off road - a skill that is substantially different to driving on tarmac.

Having taught off road skills during his time at The Wheels Project Howard is able to help drivers develop the confidence to handle their vehicle safely.


Courses can be arranged to fit the needs of the trainee. As Howard currently has access only to one Landrover (for safety cover use) trainees should verify that their insurance company are happy to cover off road use of their own vehicle.

Sound Light and Security

Through his hobby group (Good Sam Sound Light and Security) Howard has installed sound reinforcement and recording systems in several churches as well as providing occasional sound reinforcement for other events.

Lighting systems have been designed and installed at Horfield Methodist Church, resulting in consumption being reduced by upto 90%.

The security section has installed numerous security alarms in homes and churches and can advise on suitable solutions for most settings. Howard and his team have also advised on and installed CCTV and fire safety systems for church use.

If your needs are not fully covered by the above, don't forget the research and presentation options outlined above - if Howard doesn't know the answer, he will almost certainly be able to find it for you!


Youth Work

As an experienced youth worker with over 20 years experience in a range of settings, Howard can help you plan, develop and deliver your youth work needs including;

- appointment and training of staff

- skills development for working with young people

- development of programmes/activities

- thinking what, why, how you will do things

- developing empowerment of young people

- support/advice on residential/off site work with young people.

NEW - Canine First Aid Training

Howard is able to offer training in Canine First Aid to support dog owners to know what to do if their pet should need help before getting to the vet.

Use the contact me form to discuss your requirements.

Management Coaching

All managers can improve their skill and effectiveness. Through one-to-one coaching sessions Howard can help individual managers to identify their strengths and development areas and assist them to build these into improved performance and outcomes.


This can also be considered with small teams of managers and can be developed through seminars, lectures, workshops or team building exercises.


First Aid Skills/Health & Safety

Howard is qualified to teach and assess first aid courses validated by the BCU Lifeguards. These are valid for all outdoor pursuits purposes and are appropriate for those wishing to be confident of what to do in an emergency. As a first aider Howard has experience of a vast range of incidents over an extended period - this experience is used to add colour and contextualise the teaching in the courses.

He is also both a qualified Mental Health First Aider and an accredited Mental Health First Aid trainer with MHFA England, with experience supporting a wide range of mental health issues including suicidal idealisation.


Health and Safety is too often used as an excuse not to do something. Approached sensibly Howard can help you navigate the maze of myths and misconceptions to enable you to deliver what you want/need to without laying yourself open to unacceptable risks. A 'can-do' approach that supports achievement and growth, without being foolhardy.


Presentational Skills

For many the thought of speaking before an audience is the stuff of nightmares. Howard has been doing it for over 30 years with groups ranging from 3/4 to 2000+. He can help you to do so.


Whether you need help with how to prepare, the vocal and physical skills or public speaking or help with different presentational methods (even PowerPoint!) Howard can help you deliver.


ICT Skills

The problem with most ICT teachers is that they are good and can't understand why you are not. Howard has a patience that is born (among other things) of supporting his father and other 'senior surfers' to get the most out of their computers.


Starting from where you are, help can be developed to meet your specific needs - there is no 'fixed' programme - tell Howard what you want to be able to do and he can develop the necessary training at your premises. Can be individual or group based.


Specific expertise is available in all versions of Windows, MS Office (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word), Zoom and Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements. Other packages may be developed - including learning then teaching your own bespoke packages if required.



Sadly over the last 25+ years Howard has lost count of the number of safeguarding issues he has had to deal with - directly as a practitioner or in a supervisory role as a manager and CAF panel chairperson.


The good news is that this makes him ideal to help with training you or your team in how to address this critical issue within your organisation.


Courses can be designed to fit your specific needs and are illustrated with examples from his considerable experience.

Howard was a member of North Somerset Local Safeguarding Children Board and now serves on District Safeguarding Groups across the South West..


Restorative Justice Training

Internationally the impact of restorative practices has been seen from Northern Ireland to South Africa and is being promoted across the youth justice system.


Restorative justice approaches are increasingly being seen as the best approach to conflict resolution and repairing the harm caused by offending.


Howard is a qualified trainer in Restorative Justice - if you want to develop restorative practices in your organisation contact him for details of courses available.


Church Development

Are you clear about your mission? What are you there for? Do you need to review where God wants you to go?


Howard can facilitate groups, help you to begin to explore and find a direction for your future - all developed prayerfully in consultation with your membership, local community and others as required.


Howard is an accredited Methodist local preacher.




The above is a non-exhaustive list of what Howard might offer. If you have other needs please contact him to discuss whether these might be addressed by him.

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