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Regional Learning and Development Coordinator (South West)

(January 2019 - August 2023)

The Methodist Church


Howard worked for the Learning Network of The Methodist Church covering from Gloucestershire and Wiltshire in the North to Cornwall and Devon in the South - so a pretty massive area!

The purpose of the role was;

To coordinate those responsible for learning and development in the South West Region, through shared leadership of the Learning Network (LN) which aims to;
     -    Nurture and equip Christ-like disciples
     -    Challenge and equip mission-shaped communities
     -    Form and equip those who share in lay and ordained ministry
     -    Enable and encourage creative thinkers in an environment of scholarship and innovation.

Successes included;

     -   Leading the development of online delivery during and following the pandemic - including hosting various conferences in person, online and hybrid

     -   Supporting the transition of the Advanced Safeguarding course from in person to an interactive, online, self paced learning portal and administering this across the country. Howard produced and/or edited all the videos to a consistent standard and set up the online hosting of these. This course got particularly good feedback from professionals in other areas of safeguarding.

     -   Supervisory support of Presbyters under the Methodist Church's reflective supervision programme 'Responsible Grace'

     -   Delivery of Mental Health First Aid training as an accredited trainer with Mental Health First Aid England

     -   Delivery of Positive Working Together courses promoting Growing Through Change and Conflict, and Spirituality, Scripture and Conflict.

     -   Professional reviews of Plymouth Methodist Central Hall and The Methodist Centre, Bristol.

     -   Hosting an international Online webinar exploring and Introduction to Transgender Language

     -   Serving as part of the working group on the statistical and research elements of the Justice, Dignity and Solidarity strategy.

     -   Co-leader of a hybrid conference looking at Racial Justice

     -   Delivering a monthly e-newsletter which secured the highest subscription and engagement rates in the Learning Network

     -   Planner and Keynote speaker for Safeguarding Conferences in Plymouth and Exeter District.

     -   Support for Synods, including in person and hybrid delivery.

     -   Membership and support to various committees across the region including 3 District Safeguarding Groups, 2 District Policy Committees and the Devon Churches Rural Partnership.

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