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In addition to providing consultancy support and advice to a number of charities and churches, Howard has been a director and board member of the following organisations and  local charities 


Horfield Methodist Church (2008 - Present)

Howard has served in the Church in various trustee levels and is currently a member of the Church Council (the board of trustees for the Church).

In addition he serves on the Property and Finance Committee, the Worship Consultation Committee and holds a number of other responsibilities including as pianist/organist, sound vision lighting and security oversight (including management of internet connections and other onsite technology).


North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board (2011-2019)

Howard was a board member of the NSSCB which oversees the policy and practices of child protection in North Somerset. The board is made up of representatives of the local authority, childrens' services, police, health and various children's charities.


Voyage Learning Campus Management Board (2011-2019)

Howard was a director/board member of the Voyage Learning Campus Management Board. VLC is a new way of delivering Pupil Referral Unit services in North Somerset which brought together 5 different provisions into one united whole, thus protecting the delivery of the service. The campus continues to grow and develop innovative ways of delivering services to challenging young people.


South Bristol Consortium for Young People (trading as South Bristol Youth) (2009-2018)

Howard was a founder member and independent director of this innovative approach to services for young people in South Bristol. Bringing together the secondary schools and youth service delivery agencies in the South of Bristol, the Consortium aims to use Youth Work methodology to impact positively upon young people's lives, education and leisure opportunities.


The project has given evidence to a parliamentary select committee looking at services for young people.

During his time as a director Howard saw the project grow from a 'good idea' to a substantial venture offering services across all Bristol Schools and employing a good number of staff. Howard stepped down in 2018 having served his term and in order to enable appointment of a new independent director with specific skills required to move the charity forward. He remains supportive of the charity and maintains regular contact with the vice chair.

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