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After leaving Weston YMCA on the Friday, Howard was immediately asked to pick up specific work for the social services department of Avon County Council. As a result, the following Monday he picked up a young man (14) who was being fostered in the town and whose placement was at risk of failure unless appropriate support could be put in place.


Having chosen not to be briefed about the young man, Howard rapidly established a strong relationship which enabled him to have care of this young man for 8 hours per day, Monday to Friday - thus maintaining the foster placement.


During this time Howard was able to re-engage the young man in his 'home' tutoring - albeit using a local youth centre in preference to the foster home.

Residential Support Worker (1995)

Avon County Council


As the young man developed more trust he chose to share more detail of his personal history with Howard - not least that he had assaulted every carer or worker he had ever had. He never once so much as raised a hand to Howard and with only two specific exceptions never ever swore at him.


The work came to an end when financial constraints meant Howard had to accept employment with the then Bristol 5 Boys' Club - however the young man kept in contact until such time as he settled in an alternative provision.

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